ChildWithRice2Countless missionaries throughout the world ask The Little Way Association for help to feed, clothe and house deprived children.  They tell us of orphaned children left alone with no one to love or care for them, and of street children, totally abandoned, hungry and homeless, experiencing much anguish and hardship during their most tender years.  Many of these children’s future depends upon whether a missionary can find sufficient funds to care for them.   

Could you save the life of one child?

Your gift will enable a missionary priest or sister to carry the love, care and compassion of Christ to a deprived, abandoned or orphaned child.


Please help a deprived, abandoned or orphaned child






Your Mass offerings mean so much to missionaries.  The poor and deprived people, whom they serve so faithfully, have little to give and often turn to the missionary for assistance.  Mass offerings help to provide the missionary priest’s maintenance and assist  him to extend the Kingdom of God upon earth.


We like to send a missionary a minimum of 5 or more for each Mass.


After clicking on “DONATE NOW”  button below you will be on the Charity Checkout page. In the message field, please list the intentions for which you wish the Masses to be offered, and state the number of Masses.




Missionaries constantly appeal to The Little Way for funds to sink wells in order to provide clean water, the lack of which causes much illness and many medical needs.  On average, women in Africa and Asia walk approximately three  hours every day to fetch water, often in scorching heat.

Can you help?

Every pound you send will be forwarded intact.


Your gift will help provide food for the poor and marginalised

Bishop Jaya RaoBishop Jaya Rao Polimera and members of Eluru Diocese, Andhra Pradesh, India, distribute aid packages to the needy.

Your gift can make a life-and-death difference for desperately poor families and for sick and needy people living on their own in the midst of the present covid crisis. The Little Way Association has received many urgent appeals from bishops, priests, sisters and missionaries asking for help for those in their care.

Sr Eileen Quirke of the Presentation Sisters in Quito, Ecuador, writes: “We are going through a very hard passage at present with the coronavirus so widespread. This national situation has shown up many sad economic, social and medical problems. We are very aware of the conditions in which our poor and marginalised families around us try to live and survive at present. Unemployment and corruption are very much in evidence.  We urgently need help with Basic Food Kits for poor marginalised families and Home Medical Attention (initial visits, necessary examinations, followed by the prescribed medication) for sick elderly people who are isolating for the last two months in our poor villages.”

Bishop Jaya Rao Polimera of Eluru, India, writes: “Hundreds of poor people lack food and other basic necessities because of the lockdown. Your support will be a great help for us to reach out to the poor and marginalised people.”

Heidi Caluori of Arco in Sao Paulo, Brazil, writes: “The people from the slums are the hardest hit by the virus. Not being able to work any more means people do not receive a salary and have no money to buy food.  Families are battling against hunger.  We want to continue to distribute food to the people in the surrounding slums.  Our food packages contain basics such as rice, beans, sugar, salt, oil, pasta and flour. We are willing to buy the packages and distribute them.  We need your donations!”

Every penny or cent that you send for our “hungry, sick and deprived” fund  will go intact to those who look after the very poor


Please help displaced families hit by Uganda floods


Sr Mary Clare Busingye with some of the victims of flooding in eastern Uganda, where homeless families struggle to live by fishing.

Amidst the worldwide covid crisis, other human disasters persist. Sr Mary Clare Busingye of the Little Sisters of St Francis of Assisi, Tororo, Uganda, writes to The Little Way Association: “We had very heavy rains that caused flood and displaced people in Fungwe village.  Most houses fell and gardens for growing food were submerged in water. Almost all that families owned was lost.  About 250 families are now living in classrooms in our primary school where women, children and men are all mixed up.  For bedding they sleep on mats.  Each family prepares their meal under trees.  They have not been given the help required.  The main activity at the moment is fishing.  The major challenge are the vulnerable women and children.  We have tried to help but we cannot continue because of our own financial challenges.  I am earnestly requesting for your financial help.”

Your kind donation will help the villagers of Fungwe and others who are presently suffering.  The current epidemic means that many countries’ infrastructure is compromised. Every penny or cent of your gift goes to missionaries without deduction.


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